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Friday, August 7, 2015

Wasilla Wild & Atlantis

Here’s a basic getup. A friend gave me the sweater, and I cropped it.

I think it's funny how the picture makes me look like I’m really tall—I think it’s the high-waisted pants that give that illusion. I’m the opposite of tall—I’m a 125lbs, give or take, and 5 feet tall. People bench-press things my size. But this pic makes me look about 5’8” or something. I have friends that tall, and they loom over me and walk faster than me even when they’re moseying, with their Titan-sized legs. Today I went to the boardwalk at a lake and wanted to dip my feet in the water.
My feet couldn’t reach.
I was so upset. I sat on the very edge, and my toes just touched it. It was funny and sad.
It always boosts my pride to see that I look trim and slender, though lately I’ve neglected to exercise. I ran one time last week, and I planned to run this week, but I’ve burned myself out of exercising. I’m so tired and lazy. I kind of miss it, but… I’ll start again soon. When the military calls, I’ll kick it into gear and slap myself back in shape.

This is a guy who is partially colorblind, who doesn't have the optic nerves of blue and green (I think). We only have three color optic nerves, for blue, red and green, so you can imagine how hamstrung he is. And in this video, he gets to see the world in color for the first time. 

I've been binging on funny for about 24 hours. I'm using up my woefully limited internet to watch JLaw be an adorkable goof and Thomas Sanders narrate folks' lives and Louis C.K. be a "fat douche."
(He said it, not me.)

My most recent song to fall in love with was “Wasted” by Tiesto, closely followed by 1968 “Atlantis” by Donovan. I listened to Donovan at least 20 times in one day. I had it on replay while jogging, and woke with it echoing in my brain. 
But I really don't like the monologue intro.

Be Brave, everyone.

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