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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Strappy Bralette & Gebbie Street

This is one of the outfits I did for my all-day photoshoot. I wore this one the night prior, for the pictures.

I was basically wearing a bra out in the (sort of) open, with a leather coat over it, so I was majorly nervous about running into anyone. I was afraid of some guys passing by and whistling at me, or something equally embarrassing. I’m such a prude when it comes to that, I would have been shaken  for the rest of the night. Not sure why. I think it’s psychological, like my subconscious registering that the situation could have… escalated. But alas, no one saw me. That I know of.
I derive all too much gratification from sneaking out at night to take photos. I think it’s because I never tell my mother, she doesn’t know I ever left, and it offers a kind of… I dunno, emancipation I guess. I know that can potentially be dangerous, as I could be kidnapped or worse and she’d never have known it, but I left a note on her table about where I left and what time, and I didn’t wander far. Just in case. I suppose it seems melodramatic to think in terms of murder and rape and worst-case scenario all the time, but no one ever thinks it’ll happen to them until it’s happening to them.
Linda’s death has made me very careful.

I did two different versions of this stock-esque photo. Couldn't decide which one I liked best, then I thought "Why not both?"
I don't have a navel piercing, I just utilized my Gimp app to make it look like I did. 

 The top is super cute. I bought it from China, and it came within five days. Five. They delivered it so fast, they defied the space-time continuum. Logically, I know they probably had the product in Canada and just did drop-shipping, but I’m so used to buying things from them and waiting for a month for the product to get through customs. I’d been looking far and wide for a top like this, unable to make my own, and I wanted the top to be cheap, and this one fit the bill. 

I really like these photos. Oh my god. So much. I felt and look so badass despite my princess curls. 
If I had more space in my spare room (like an actual studio with lights and a backdrop) then I wouldn't have been so close to the wall, but I had just over ten feet to work with, and the camera doesn't work closer than 4 feet away. 
I looked up basic studio kits, and I found they're actually pretty cheap. Umbrellas, backdrops, flashes and bulbs and diffusers and whatnot, all for around 75-150 bucks. I also looked up Polaroid cubes, which are about 100 dollars, but given how useful that tool is, the price is very reasonable. 

I'm also proud of my makeup. For this shoot, I tried to replicate the makeup from my senior portraits. 
I did pretty damn good, for someone who isn't big on makeup. I usually only wear red lipstick, mascara and brown eyeshadow. 

I found out my great grandmother was on Good Morning America, to celebrate her 106th  birthday as of June in 2015.
She was born in 1909. She’s literally older than the Titanic. She’s older than sliced bread.

Here's Drew Lynch, the stuttering comedian from America's got talent.

Here's DZ Deathrays, a very new Australian dance-punk duo. 
"Gebbie Street."

Be Brave

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