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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Kerchief & Erasure

I've owned these jeans since I was 14. 

I don't think these photos are all that flattering, but I like them anyway, since they're the real me. Me, with no lipstick or eyeshadow. I've come more and more and like the way I look, and taking pictures of myself for going on two years now has made that happen. I genuinely used to think I was ugly and chubby. 

That reminds me, one of the biggest reasons I did the all-day photo shoot was because I had very few selfies. Mostly that's because I'm not a narcissist, but also because I never liked my selfies. Then I realized that of the ones I did have (maybe 10) the reason I kept them is because they were interesting. I either had lots of makeup, a cool hairdo or angle, or had on massive horn rimmed Ray Bans. I liked my photos best when it wasn't just a pic of my face. So I gathered a bunch of ideas of photos I thought would make interesting selfies, and ended up adding a lot more that were not for selfies. 

I've been half-heartedly considering another photo shoot, but nothing like that last one. Good god, I wore myself out. Got some raging pics out of the deal, but I kind of burned myself out. So if I do it again, it'll be much milder, maybe with two or three photos at the most. 
I'm planning one for sure this weekend, with a friend. She was surprisingly chill with the idea, which surprised me because I thought I'd have to reassure her she wouldn't be striking any provocative poses or whatnot. 

So my Happy Jar is growing.

This snake actually has Cysticerosis, so the LOLs are very inappropriate.
The snake is dying, not laughing. 

Because this is a goofy outfit,
here's a goofy video.

Mis-Tres, the singing trio from Asia's Got Talent, has a surprise up their sleeves.

And then there's the fabulous and sassy Scott Heierman, the bearded drag queen.

And because this outfit is goofy, here's a goofy song.
Erasure, "Always."

Be Brave

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