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Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Day of Modeling & First Aid Kit

Over the past month, I’d been compiling a lot of photography ideas. Some were my own, others were ones I’d seen and wanted to replicate. Because I’m currently unemployed and have nowhere to go of late, I dress up for the most mundane things, and I rarely wash my hair (mostly because it’s a pain, a waste of shampoo and a waste of a great hairdo no one will see). Call me nasty—and lately, my hair has been—but there you have it. Denying it won’t make it any less true. Anyway, so I decided I’d take all the photo ideas I’d compiled all in 24 hours, since my hair would be brushed at long last and fit for photos.
I had around sixty pictures compiled.

         I knew it would be an all-day job, but I had no idea how right I was. I started the night prior, went to bed, and woke up at the crack of dawn to start and stayed up until dusk to finish. I ate little, but I tried my best to take breaks and not get frustrated with my camera—I only started serious photography almost a year ago, and I got this camera just three months ago, so I’m still figuring things out. My day of pictures was very educational, and I’m now 2x as educated about its fundamentals as I was. Like I said, I told myself not to get frustrated, not to rush, and to have fun, because that’s what photography is about. There were times when I seriously questioned my logic, had to recall the ardor that had driven me to the insane goal. And the crazy part is, I actually met my goal. I took almost every picture I had planned, on my own, and even ones I hadn’t planned. There’s one sequence of photos I had planned but was too exhausted to do, and there were a couple I had to retake later, but overall, I’m very proud of my work. I modeled all the pictures myself, since I had no models handy, though a few pictures were with my mother’s help. The pictures of me in the lake were done by my mom—after I explained how to work the camera, haha. I have more picture ideas, but I don’t want to do them myself. I really want someone else to be in the picture instead, not me. I want to be the director and photography for a change, so I’m thinking of enlisting one of my good friends—my closest friend—to help me. I don’t know if she’ll go for it, but I think she will. Plus, the type of pictures I have in mind are right up her alley.

  I’ve been uploading them to my facebook, mostly as a storage, also for some feedback. I’ve gotten lots of compliments, and my old friend is trying to talk to me again, which annoys me. I’ve decided to cut her out of my life when I leave for the military, but for now, I put up with her. Ever since we were kids, she’s done this thing where if anyone compliments me (on my hair, my art, my outfit, a picture) she butts in to contradict them somehow, or try to take part in it. There have been times someone complimented my outfit, and one of the garments of the outfit was borrowed from her, so she’d say “Well, she’s wearing my shirt, so.” Or someone might say I look good, and she’ll jokingly say I look like a slut. Or if someone really likes a photo of me, she used to make sure everyone knew she took the photo, to get a piece of the compliment. One very recent time, a friend on facebook mentioned she was proud of herself for being a vegetarian for 10 months. I congratulated her and mentioned that I was vegetarian too, and had been for seven years (I wasn’t bragging, honest). When the girl expressed her awe, my old friend interrupted the conversation thread to say that I cheat by eating sesame chicken, sometimes. It’s true that sometimes if we’re at a fancy restaurant or I’m confronted with sesame chicken, I may indulge myself, but I no longer crave meat, and I avoid it if I can, since it’s unhealthy and breaks my skin out. Her telling on me may not seem too bad, and if it was the first time she’d ever done something like it, it wouldn’t be. If I didn’t know why she said that, I would have been surprised, but not irritated. But it wasn’t her place, and her intentions were malicious.
                Sorry, I had to rant. I’ve been needing to rant about her for a while now.

I digress. So I took a lot of photos, all of them creative. Some I photoshopped a bit, since I very recently learned to use Gimp. Gimp is a lot like photoshop—a lot like photoshop, but it’s free. It’s a bit harder to use, but a common app, so tutorials online can help. In the past week, I’ve learned so much about Gimp, I feel that no power in the ‘verse can stop me. If you’re interested in seeing these cool pics, they’re on my facebook, and the link is on the left hand bar. I won’t upload them here, because this blog is mostly about music and fashion, and it should stay that way. Why do you think I never post my art on here? And trust me, I have a shitload of art on my deviantart (also found on the left hand bar.)
                I’ve wanted very much to find a way to show my photography teacher how far I’ve taken the skills he’s given me, but I don’t know how. I can’t just hand him a flashdrive. I don’t have a website to refer him to, though lord knows I could use one, I’m just too lazy right now to set one up, and I rarely have access to wifi. I should use my wordpress or wix account… Ordinarily I wouldn’t share photos with him, since I don’t think he’d care, but I wrote a thank you card for him last Christmas and I found it sitting on his desk earlier this year, on a little pedestal, and that told me the card moved him. I used to write cards and give gift bags to my favorite school staff every year (luch ladies, librarians, teachers, security, my sophomore year I gave out 30 gift bags of mugs and chocolate and cards, to let these adults know that they are valued. The idea was courtesy of my genius mother.)

Here are almost all my necklaces. Almost. 

                That’s the end of my spiel. 

Here’s a cool video, The Most Interesting Man in the World Dos Equis beer commercials.

    The music I chose was shown to me by my closest friend that I mentioned earlier. I showed her a band called Radical Face last year, and this year she showed me First Aid Kit. First Aid Kit is a Swedish folk duo made up of two sisters.
                The only song I really like by them is “Wolf.” 
This ballad was extracted from Hemliga bok i den stora mörka skogen (The Secret Book of the Great Dark Forest), a 359 parchment page volume presently displayed in the Nordic Museum in Djurgården and believed to date back from the mid 16th century. According to the Swedish mythology, several wolves entered into an agreement with the underground creature Vittra to seduce humans into venturing through the great forest at night by singing strange songs. The few human who followed the wolves into the darkness got lost in vast expanse of swamps where they had to confront their own past, and for some of them, their disgrace, while Vittra, the underground creature, slowly crawled out to meet each of them.
This song is enchanting.


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