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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Summer Blues & Enigma

There haven’t been many outfits lately. I haven’t been going anywhere worthy of dressing up. Also, the internet went down the day I did dress up. What rotten luck.
I wore this outfit probably on the 16 or 17th .
We went to the park with Clara, my mom’s dog. We went by the river with Clara and saw how she treated it. It scared her, but she seemed to like it. I took my shoes off and soaked them in the stream.
I also brought Fight Club home for my mom to see, because that’s one wow of a movie. 

This strikes me as pretentious because I'm a high school graduate (far cry from scientist) and my vacation would be more like the second one. 

"Return to Innocence,"
by the ever mysterious Enigma.

Ray Jessel on America's Got Talent sings 


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