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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Weary Blue Jeans & Defeater

3 week old outfit... I'm way behind on outfits. I swear I'll catch up next week. I meant to post this outfit last week, but I've been doing everything but blogging.

But the day I took this picture, I found a poem written behind the door of a girl's bathroom stall. Usually there' scrawled crooked carved raunchy graffiti of girls calling other girls names, but this one said:

Never trust a mirror/for a mirror always lies;
It makes you think that all you're worth/can be seen from outside;
Never trust a mirror/ It only shows you what's skin deep;
You can't see how your eyes flutter/ when you're drifting off to sleep;
It doesn't show you what the world sees/ when you're only being you
Or how your eyes light up when/you're doing what you love to do;
It doesn't capture when you're smiling/where no-one else can see
and your reflection cannot tell you/how much you mean to me;
Never trust a mirror/for it only shows your skin
and if you think that it dictates your worth/ then it's time you looked within.

Someone asked if the iceberg that struck the Titanic is still out there...


It says kindergarten. If you've seen Happy Tree Friends, you know.

Octavian, the 8 legged cow

Here's Defeater, a melodic hardcore American band whose song makes me think of putting my feet in the water, sun bleached skies and sunsets, polaroids and those fleeting moments when nothing's perfect but everything's okay.
"I Don't Mind."

One day I'll learn guitar. Meet me in ten years, you'll see.

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