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Friday, May 1, 2015

The Countdown Begins & Maniac

Senor (senior) Fiesta Like There's No Manana. That was the Chugiak class of 2015's Fun Day theme. I got dressed in a sweater since I didn't know if the fun day would take place inside or out. Then when I got to school, I had to change into the blue tees they provided for us, so that was a wasted outfit. There's this Asian foreign exchange student from Denmark named Christa who I befriended earlier this year, and I found her hiding behind a pillar rather than getting involved in breakfast and tee-shirt hand outs, shy little thing, so I invited her to hang with me and my little crowd. After coffee and breakfast, I was already feeling slightly dejected because my once-best-friend is forever unintentionally tormenting me, being near and yet ignoring me. I was sitting with my other friends, but I kept looking over at her. I basically did that the whole day. 
Not that I didn't have fun. We drove by bus to the event, which had ice-skating, hamster balls, a bucking salmon, a basketball booth, an arena with sumo-wrestling suits to don for battle, an obstacle course and multiple uber fun inflatable bouncy-castle-like stations. My favorite was the Meltdown, a big trampoline with 2 rotating padded poles that you had to duck under or leap over. My thighs and lungs hurt so much after every round, I told myself "No jogging today--I'm working out right now." They served us grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, soda, chips and cookies (the cookie box said $12; isn't it nice how cheap obesity is?). Some people had a hotdog and hamburger. I don't know where they find the stomach room for it. But anyway, they had veggie burgers, which was great. I iceskated a lot, and I'm better at it than I remembered. And I'm happy I was able to show Christa a good time. I hate imagining her alone on such a big day.
My elbows are raw now, and I'm slightly downtrodden by my friend. I'd really like to stop seeing her.
It's like breaking up with a boyfriend and then seeing him with his new girl, and how happy he is all the time. Makes it hard to move on. 
I actually almost got in huge trouble. I left early after lunch with my mom because I'm a rebel  because I'm thoughtless, and I forgot that they wanted us to ride the buses back, and that they'd check to make sure everyone was there. I also didn't think leaving without telling anyone was a big deal. My friends all started texting me at once when I was gone, telling me I would be suspended since they found out I'd left, so I got to the school before the returning buses and let them know where I was. They weren't happy, but I barely got a slap on the wrist. As far as I know, I'm not suspended. 

I actually wore this outfit Monday, but I just wanted to talk about my senior fun day. 

Sorry, I know it's small, I know, I know...

Little snippet you probably didn't catch from Monsters Inc.

White preachers vs. black preachers, by Jesse Duplantis.

Kayla Montgomery, a young marathon runner who has MS. Every time I hear her story, I tear up a bit, and I feel like my leg problems are nothing. 

Here's "Maniac," by Michael Sembello, which appeared on Flashdance in the 80s.
Great song.

My last day of school is days away. 
I'm nervous but happy. I want to move on, from more places than just school. I hope the future has more  beauty in store than heartbreaks. 

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