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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Outfit Reboot & Eight Easy Steps

I wore a very similar outfit last year, but I figured I could give it a retry. 

I wore this today last week, but of late I've been busy. I recently moved to another place and bought some snakes, and I'm graduating soon, but there's a teacher trying to fail me and I need to conference with her today to put her ass in line, and then I've got a military enlistment meeting to go to, so I'm busy. 

Titties are not pockets.

A woman who loves cats does an eHarmony vid bio.

Sketchy Ice Creams from Birdbox studio.

Because Alanis Morissette is amazing and has done too much music we know nothing about, here's "Eight Easy Steps," the semi-sarcastic song that never actually elaborated on what those steps were. 

Later, peasants

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