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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Morning Cardio & Vanilla Twilight

When I was sixteen, before I lost my house, I realized I could possibly work out in the morning before school and the rest of the day would be for myself, or at least I could get the important workout done and do the rest later... if I hit the sack at 9pm and woke up at 5am. That sounds crazy, working out at 5 in the morn, but it worked perfectly. I got ample sleep, so it wasn't any different from going to bed at 12pm and waking up at 8am to exercise. I did it for about a year before I lost my house, and since then I've been working out after school for the past 2 years, staying in shape to be healthy, maintain my weight and keep up to BT standards.
So recently I hopped back on the wake-up-at-ass-crack-of-dawn-to-run bandwagon, but it's pretty chilly in the mornings and I can't workout in the house like I used to those years ago, because I now live in a 1 story house and my workout would wake my mom, so I take it outside where it's cold.

I had to buy new leggings (or so I thought) because my old ones molded. But it turns out the old ones are still okay, so I now have 2 pairs, one for regular wear and one for workout out. I actually wanted a pair with a neon green streak, but I didn't find it so I just bought these. They don't fit around my waist the way I'd like, but those are the breaks. Plus they were UnGoDlY EXPENSIVE. Like, almost 40 bucks. It was nuts. 

Stolen from The Office but still funny.

Here's a really funny (and warning, really sexual) clip from The Little Death, a British comedy that I'm probably going to watch tonight. This is the best clip of it I've found, but there used to be another longer one where Monica and Sam talk and get to know each other and start to fall in love. 

Because this is one of the oldest songs I own, it deserves a place.
Plus, the lyrics are cool. It's weird to think this song is actually, like, six years old. I remember when this song was real popular... but that was when I was 12. Time flies. 
"Vanilla Twilight," Owl City.


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