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Monday, May 25, 2015

Meet the Gang & Lover Dearest

Here are my snakes. 
This is Queen Elizabeth, reluctantly named. She was newly Christened last week, when the vet found no hemipines (male reptile genitalia) and she had to be renamed from King Louis IV. I actually don't think any name really fits her. 
 She's a two+ year old corn snake who hates her vivarium (cage) and watches everyone who comes near her vivarium with creepy hawklike avidity. She watches me when I get dressed with not a shred of chagrin. Probably thinks it's some humanoid bi-daily shedding ritual. She also rattles her tail threateningly sometimes, but the threat is empty. 

And this is King Henry, the first snake I ever dealt with, a ball python who (in contrast to her) loves nothing more than being in complete solitude in his hide (snake house). He's head-shy, moves sluggishly, and if you ask me, I think he might be a little dim in the attic, if you catch my drift. 
 He's also nocturnal where she's diurnal, and hails from the hottest parts of Africa, requiring me to keep his enclosure heat really high and his humidity moderate to low to avoid respiratory infections or the like. 

If I ever get another snake (probably will when I move out), it'll be a ribbon snake or a sand snake, or both. 

This one gets the "Ghetto shower of the year award."

I think Siri is jealous.

One picture, 1000 words...

Fun fact: Frankenstein is the scientist, not the monster.
Zelda is not Link.

The best joke ever, by Nigahiga and company.

Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins from Supernatural talk about what they don't like about Misha's character, Cas.

10 years in a coma prank--don't drink and drive.

"Lover Dearest," Mariana's Trench
Which I was emphatically convinced was by Bullet for My Valentine for, like, two years. Not sure why, it's nowhere near their style.


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