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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Graduated & Every Time You Lie

This is what I wore for graduation. I actually didn't want to wear this at all, but there was a clothing requirement (which everyone else disregarded) and while I normally disregard rules out of hand, I didn't want to have any trouble on this day and I just followed the rules. Wish I hadn't. I wanted to wear converse, jeans and a casual shirt to make a point that this day isn't about beauty--and what's the point of dressing up if we'll all be wearing black bags? But I decided that, while I was conforming, I might as well do it in style.
I didn't wear heels, and that's just as well, because my gown covered me down to my shoes. I had to lift it to walk, like a ball dress. It was a hand-me-down from my 6 foot tall brother some years ago. Let's just say that I'm quite a lot shorter than 6 feet.

Anyway, last week or so I went downtown to Lush again and spent 70 bucks on their wonderful products. I got three different facial skin serums, one with lettuce, one with oatmeal and banana (and tastes pretty good) and the other with seaweed and almonds. I haven't tried the lettuce one yet, but the oatmeal dries my skin out (I like the formula anyway) and the seaweed is perfect for my skin type.

Ahem... that was Hitler. 

Hahaha old people

A banned Irish advertizement about speeding. 

My favorite scene from The Hunger Games.
The hydroelectric dam blows.

Music is scarce at themoment. 
Let's do Demi Lovato's "Every Time You Lie."
Great song.


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