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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Finale & Welcome Home

This was my last day as a high schooler. I went out with a bang, in terms of style.

I wanted this shirt forever, and when I finally bought it, I was a bit dejected to find that my hips were to wide to pull it down to its full length, but after tucking it into a shirt, you can't even tell. 

This is my bedroom as of current... I have almost no furniture, these shelves aside, and these shelves are being saved for my books once I unpack them. 

The thing that sucks about having had all my things packed away for so long is that I grew up. A lot of things I owned I decided to get rid of, and I no longer want to style my room the way I used to. Now I'm thinking more of a hippie, bohemian vibe, but I might add some contradictory things, like vinyls on my wall again and Chinese lanterns hanging from my ceiling.

But I've acquired more hats.

Ugh, I wish I could blow these strip pictures up.

It's funny because in the movie The Punisher, this guy really was Russian.

Lush! That's the Lush stoooore!
A scene from American Pie.

This crazy kid named Jack gets his wisdom teeth removed.
This is the aftermath.

I actually told myself I wanted to feature this song the day I moved into this house, into a new home... but this place doesn't really feel like home. And it's been almost a month, so I'm late on the uptake. All the same, here's Radical Face's "Welcome Home."


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