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Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Day In the Sunshine & 1000 Years

I went downtown and took pictures, admired the tourist shops, got a fruit smoothie and shopped at Lush. And had Pad Thai, but the sauce dried up before I got to eat it. 

As you can tell, I love these jeans ever so much.

I did a DIY of studded black shorts. 
All I needed were high waist black shorts and 100pc of silver studs. 

I drew horizontal lines to decide where I wanted the studs.

Literally all you have to do is poke a hole and insert the stud, then screw on the back piece. 

Aaaand... then repeat 99 more times. 

I was chilling with Henry, so I figured I'd let him be in the picture. 

Supernatural moment

A great HP birthday cake.

A feast for a Game of Thrones marathon

Miss Atomic Bomb. 

Here's 2 Tinder date experiments that show how shallow, and how kind, people can really be.

Christina's Perri makes me think of sunshine slanting through the trees. 
Here's "1000 Years."


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