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Monday, April 20, 2015

State of the Art & I'm Not Okay

Because apparently Alaska's not part of the United States.

"Fantastic Breasts & Where to Find Them," Brenna Twohy

"To the Boys That May One Day Date My Daughter," Jesse Parent.

And now My Chemical Romance. Yes, the same MCR that people tend to ship together romantically despite there being no legitimate reason to expect them to make good couples. Also the same MCR that broke up after making us fall in love with them.
Yes, the very same ones. 
I'm mostly ranting because there's a deviant on DA who got really popular for doing gay fan fiction of MCR. Like, she literally writes no other kind of romance unless it's MCR related and gay. 

"I'm Not Okay."
A song that, if you listen to it when you're not okay, makes you feel the feels. 


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