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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Prom & Pimped

I had a perfect prom.
I only decided I wanted to go about a month ago, and I tried to go with several friends, but one of them couldn't make up her mind about if she wanted to go, and the other had a date so I didn't want to be there. I got everything done last minute, like taking my dress to the tailor's and buying prom essentials. On Friday, I went to a friend's house to get ready for prom, and we ended up skipping half of school. The wig I wanted to wear came in the mail right on time, though I bought it only days ago, and even though we didn't have the money to get my dress out of the tailor's (the tailor hemmed 6in of my dress, plus 8in off the sides and 4in off the straps to make this size 12 dress fit me), the nice lady let my mom take my dress to me in time for prom. My shoes--I wore creepers--were comfy, my dress fit well, the day was warm and sunny. My wig fit well too, only it left me with a headache because it was so tight, plus it left a red lump on my hairline when I took it off later. I wanted to wear a wig because I always wanted to have short hair but was never brave enough to cut my hair. I think I would have been happier with my natural hair, but oh well. I had to flat iron a lot of the curls on top, and put pins in them to make it look more realistic. 

My skin was almost perfect for prom, few blemishes, and my false eyelashes and makeup went on really well and without a fuss. I wore gold eyeshadow with black smokey eye, and red lipstick. I put shimmer powder across my T line on my forehead and nose, and on top of my cheek bones, above my blush lines. Once we were pretty, my friend and I took pictures, and went to a friend's house to pick her up and took more pictures. We blasted music and rode down to a coffee shop, where we got Redbulls, all in our prom finery. The barista almost spilled our drinks when he saw us. We went downtown for our dinner reservations at Orso's, and even though there were supposed to be nine of us, there were just five for a while. It was me, two girl friends, and another friend with her date. I had thought dinner would be annoyingly long, since the dance wasn't going to start for hours yet, but we sat and talked and joked and acted like pervs for two and a half hours and it never got boring. I started my menstural cycle around this time, but luckily a friend had products for me to use, and I didn't have a drop of leakage. I felt so pretty and confident, which was a nice change. For dinner we ate fried calamari, cheese ravioli and steak for appetizers (which we shared), then I ordered portabella mushrooms and this drink that was really pretty but I can't remember the name of it. After that, they all ordered dessert (I was too stuffed to be interested), around which time
the other two girls arrived. 

 Me and a friend at McD's after prom.

My amaaaaazing drink.

The waiter (who was awesome, by the way) had joked with us earlier before the other two came, about telling them when they arrived that they weren't allowed to eat since they were so late. We didn't think she'd actually tell them that, but when she did, her acting was sublime, and their expressions were priceless, but we told them we were joking. After that long dinner, we walked to the museum, and one of the girls shared her red lipstick with me, which was really nice, since mine had rubbed off during dinner. We had to use a random parked truck's window to put on the lipstick. People downtown cat called at us and yelled over about how dapper we all looked. When we got to the museum the dance was at, we saw trees with sweaters around the trunks, like they do on the East coast for homeless people because it's so cold. We took yet more pictures, and this random woman who'd gone to our school ten years ago photobombed us. At the dance (fashionably late) we took pictures at the photobooth, then took professional pictures, then danced. It was hard to get into at first, but after some tries and fails, we became one with the dancers. The thing about dancing is that none of us have any talent. But as a group of 200+ people, we move together, like a living organism, losing the individual mentality and becoming people instead of persons. You're not supposed to think; you have to get out of your head and into your body, and dancing becomes effortless. The music was perfect and loud and we were sweaty once we were done. Everyone I know was so beautiful, so many different hairstyles and dresses. After two hours of that, my friends speculated what we wanted to do for the after party. Some of them wanted to go get drunk, and others wanted to hike mount baldy. I personally wanted to hike baldy and then go get drunk, but I ended up just going to McD's with some friends and watching them eat yet more food while I had a coffee. I don't know where they put all that food, man. I feel like they're all gonna get fat. But being at McD's in the middle of the night in our finery once again was comical. After that, we went on home and watched some youtube, then I finished my Redbull from earlier (which I'd left in the car) and fell asleep. It was a perfect(ly appropriate) prom. The only thing that would have made it better is if I'd climbed baldy and then had a few drinks the end the night. 
I couldn't have asked for a nicer prom night.

From right to left: Rebecca (Reebs), Gage, Bella, Tasha (Chong), Chelsea (Cheech), Layla and moi.

I won't lie, there was some drama, but it all went on in my heart and I didn't let it out. The girl standing next to me is the friend I've been falling out with, and whenever I go places with her and Bella, she treats me like we haven't been friends since before we started our periods. She definitely ousted me that night, but the sad part is, she's too... self-absorbed to realize what she's doing.
But anyway, when I get out of this town, I'll make new friends. Friends that don't rip the Best Friend label off my chest and stick it to someone else at the flip of a switch.

So lately I've been having nostalgic flashbacks to video games I played as a kid. Among them...

Nanosaur 2.


Minions of Mirth.

Marble Blast Gold.

Unreal Tournament.

And even Halo, before it became popular. When I was nine or ten, Halo was just a demo my brother downloaded on a Mac computer. In the past few years, my game obsessions have gone to Bully, Assassin's Creed, Little Big Planet, GTA, F&F, The Godfather, and on and on. 

My most recent conquest is Life is Strange. I feel like I've talked about this episodic video game before. Well, next episode comes out next month.

And because music is paramount here, I give you the most mainstream song ever.
"The Walker," Fitz & the Tantrums.


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