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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pre-Prom & Bulls On Parade

So, just like I've always wanted short hair, I also have wanted to shave half my head. But I also love my hair the way it is, so I braided half my hair for prom. 

My friend told me that if she'd seen me on the street and didn't know me, she'd cross to the other sidewalk.

Later when I took off most of my clothes to get comfy, I took some pictures of my hair in my friend's room.

Okay... a lot of pictures.

Here's my Happy Jar so far. 

I'm so excited! I'm finally getting a snake! I'm looking at a corn snake on craigslist, and my friend is selling her ball python, so I'm looking to buy both. I need to brush up on my snake husbandry.
Next I need a driver's license, a motorcycle, a guitar, a professional camera...

OnionSpeaks gives you "Why Do People Hate Hipsters?"
This guy makes me lol my coffee out of my nose.

"Grandma Comes to Visit," Lyle McDouchebag. 

"Flower," a calming video game I played, like, years ago and still love.

I know there was another more worthy band on my iPod that merited featuring today, but I don't remember which one it was. So I picked Rage Against the Machine, the alternative metal band that I'm sure was on the Matrix credits. I think I'll find out which song that is. I know it's this band.
Anyway, best song ever by RATM="Bulls On Parade."


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