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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Neon & Lose My Breath

I wore this last Friday, because I didn't get a chance to run in the morning, so I couldn't wear my morning outfit because the sun was out and I didn't fancy the thought of crisping. While I was running... people honked at me.
I mean, good grief, can you imagine if I'd been wearing shorts and a cropped sports bralette? I'm not mad, of course, because I did wear this outfit, and I think it's stupid when a girl shows a bunch of skin and gets mad when she gets attention for it, but I was boggled since I wasn't showing much. Plus, I'm not used to being considered attractive, and I don't know if it makes sense, but I don't feel like a girl most of the time (wearing skirts aside), because guys don't pay much attention to me. So when I do get attention, it feels weird. I used to think I was very confident, but during prom, I was truly confident. I felt the difference--I felt like I could bat my eyelashes and get away with anything. I felt truly feminine. It was a nice feeling. 

This is actually a fantastic movie.

A little boy tries to save his sister from being sprayed with the water hose.

A little girl calls 911 for her father.

Rob Cantor, "Shia LaBeof"
Every time I watch this I swear to God I'm dying.

Destiny's Child, the R&B girls group where Beyonce Knowles first started: "Lost My Breath."


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