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Thursday, April 23, 2015

DIY Melting/Dripping Tights & Zombie

I had acquired the tights. 
Yes, the tights. 

This chain is made of bottle caps. 

It's a pretty casual outfit. Not very remarkable. I bought some $7 men's pants from a thrift store and turned them into ripped shorts. I think I'll stud them on one side, later. 

To any contemporary fashion fanatic or eclectic/vogue-esque style boeufs, these dripping URB tights are all the rage. But I think it's safe to say no one is excited about the fact that their price is astronomical and ungodly. $60 a pop, give or take. So I made my own, which cost me time rather than money, a commodity I am less likely to miss. 

These are what the originals look like.

I've seen multiple tutorials and methods on making these online, but they're debatably effective. The most effective method I've found yet is below. 

You'll need:
dimensional fabric paint
a medium-sized cardboard box 
plastic/cling/glad cellophane
thick skin-tone tights 

First, I got a piece of cardboard about this size. It was probably 25x15, something like that. I cut off the sharp cardboard edges so they wouldn't tear my tights. It's important that the cardboard be much bigger than your leg diameter, because the paint will dry to the shape 

Next I wrapped it in cellophane. Glad is the good stuff. 
This ensures that the glue dries to something you can peel it off of. 

I carefully stretched one leg of my tights over the cardboard.

Using metallic black dimensional fabric glue... 

I outlined the dripping shape I desired. 

After filling it all in, I smoothed it with a piece of cardboard. 

Well, mostly smooth. 

I let it dry, and the next day I cautiously peeled it free of the elastic and put the same leg on the cardboard, to repeat the process with the opposite side. It took about four days, since there were four sides (two for each leg). The overall look is great... but I won't lie, this isn't perfect. It sticks to the thighs, and I have to be careful about sitting on plastic surfaces so the paintdoesn't stick over time, to the chair. I can't let the paint (which is now dry) stick to itself for any period of time. Also, it's a pain to get on my body, and I dare not machine-wash them. Right now, since I don't have a mannequin to put them on when I'm not wearing them, they're currently scotch-taped to my wall. I don't think they'll last, but this was sure cheaper than spending $60+. The method is flawed, I admit. I've considered laquering them somehow, but I think polish would just splinter and flake over time, like ceramic gloss. 

So, tada. 

There were a lot of people confused about my tights, primarily guys. They kept asking why I painted my legs. They didn't seem to fully grasp the concept of nude nylons. 

So much NO in one picture. 

Lost Angel, a gay short film. Call it cheesy (and it is, plus a take off from some yaoi, I hear) but the acting is better than usual, the cinematography is great and the plot is not as contrived as some short stories on youtube. 

I've been wanting to feature The Cranberries forever, but I wanted to wait until I was wearing a semi-punk/grunge outfit with red, because whenever I hear this song, I think of the colors gold and crimson (probably because of the music vid below and the band name). The 90s American rock band is one of few that broke up and reunited.
My fave song is "Zombie." Plus, my voice is a low pitch, so I can only sing certain songs well, this one among them. Maybe one day when I get good at guitar I'll cover this. 


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