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Sunday, April 19, 2015

50s Housewife & Joni Mitchell

I was told by several people that I looked like a 50s housewife. 

Prepping for prom next weekend. I've still got a bunch of stuff to buy.
I spent most of the weekend malling with my friends and listening to Walk the Moon on the radio at top volume to assert dominance to our fellow drivers. Good weekend. Next week will be even better. They're so fun. I live too far away to hang with them regularly, but they're a blast to be around. They're just constantly moving and going places and being spontaneous and young, makes you forget your troubles when you're with them. 

Greatest prom picture 

"Open Letter to Black People... In Horror Movies."
Omar Holmon & Anthony Ragler 

"The Friendzone"
Disaree Dallagiacomo & Justin Lamb

Joni Mitchell
"A Case of You," 
the Canadian 90s singer that made playing in karaoke bars and night clubs seem cool and indie.


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