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Friday, March 20, 2015

Stereotype Differenciation & Heaven Knows

Was a good day, except for a few things. For one, my mom was depressed this morning, so she was being a petulant brat and taking our her financial frustrations on me. Like, she asked me if I could get my counselor's number while I was at school. Surprised and wondering if maybe the school home page was down again, I said "You can't get it online?" And she went off saying I always second guess her and I'm mouthy and bla bla bla. I just let her rant. I mean, if I can be generally optimistic after a good meal and a long nap, despite a lifetime of bullshit and having no control of my circumstances, she can at least refrain from letting her inability to be optimistic turn her into a raging twat.

And then while I was doing pottery, some jerks kept taking my chairs. 
But it was also a really fast day, and I barely had to do any extra thinking. Plus a great workout and gourmet eggplant lasagna.

I liked this outfit. And I liked the cat tights as a contradiction to the general punk look.
This shirt is such a beautiful one. It was given to me by a friend, and made in Taiwan. It's so soft and pretty.

I've owned these sunglasses for years, but they were in storage for a long time. I just got them back and it's like I fell in love with them again. I remember about two years ago I had another pair like these, but I accidentally flushed them down the public toilet. It was really funny.

You know, I've heard a lot of controversy over the difference between goth, emo, punk, scene, and grunge. This outfit, for instance, might qualify as scene (despite the curly hair) or punk, but no one can agree on it. By my estimation, the differences are subtle.
Goth: obscene amounts of black. Think goth convention, with people wearing black lipstick with raccoon eyes. Almost fetish-looking, favors spikes, chains, and torn things. Kind of like transient cyberpunk or visual kei. As for attitude, they varied. Some were very aggressive, some were extremely smart. It all depends. But one thing's for sure; goths came first. The word 'goth' is actually derived from the barbarians and Germanic warriors and vikings back in the day. Goth was an insult synonymous to calling someone a troglodyte.
Punk: they're very different from goths, in demeanor as well as style. Goths didn't usually wear color (unless they're a pastel goth), and were normally kind of conservative. Punks, starting in the late 70s and 80s, breaking away from their flower-child hippie parents and grandparents, were wild, all about fun, radical, extremists, daredevils, rebels. They too favored chains and spikes, and more commonly tattoos and piercings, but in the goth group, you didn't find anyone with wild colored hair or mohawks. Usually goth hair was pitch black. The punks were mostly like this because of the aggressive rock music. I don't care if you don't think music has that kind of influence, because it did and does.
Grunge: they're diverse from both punk and goth. They started in the late 80s and 90s. Goths were into fashion, punks were into fun, and grunge kids didn't care. They were some of the first stoners, radical noncomformists who were infatuated with music, a lot of them being middle class or lower, and so confident about their careless outlook that they were inspiring. They weren't into makeup, or fashion, and sometimes not even soap. Signature look for them is holey, ill-fitted clothes, plaid shirts and messy hair. Grunge is another word for dirty.
Emo and scene are neck and neck on the timeline. Their time was right after grunge. Emo is short for emotional, because being emo wasn't about the style. It was about the feelings, mostly self-destructive ones. They wore dark colors because it's how they felt. They were plain, quiet, and ultimately unhappy.
Scenesters are the WTF of it all. They're punk and goth together, and let's face it, they just liked the style.

Now, you probably don't agree with everything I said. But I promise you most of what I said is fact. Notice I used past participles. Because in the beginning, each of those groups were exactly like this. They all felt a certain way, so dressed and acted accordingly. Back then, you didn't act a certain way  just to match your fashion; your fashion was a product of who you were. Then later, other people who loved their style copied them. It's not a crime. But too many people call emos and hipsters fakers and poseurs and silly things like that. Well, the first hipsters really were into green liberalism and farmer's markets and mason jars and veganism and thrift shopping; the new ones are faking it because they admire the old hipsters. All the real hipsters are now in their 30s and 40s.
Likewise, the first emos weren't faking the self-harm, abusive parents and dark pasts, but other people admired them (who the hell knows why) and emulated everything, down to pretending their lives sucked too.
And now you know~!

An umbrella cockatoo that disapproves of cameras.

I guess Macaws like showering too.

The Pretty Wreckless, with all-admired grunge queen Taylor Momsen who once upon a time played Cindy Lou Who in The Grinch, is an American rock band. 
I downloaded this song over a year ago and suddenly it's getting all this notoriety.
Well guess what, I found it first.


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