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Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Hue & Journey

So as you can tell, I literally just remembered I can crop my photos.
After a year and a half of posting, I just. Now. Remembered.

Anyway, I've been playing with the exposure on my photos, so now I can make them look more vibrant. My camera really doesn't do justice, and I never noticed how ashy my pictures used to be. I might go back and change some pictures, touch them up.
'Course, I could just be making myself look very orange.

Today I skipped my photography class to exercise. 
I'm such a bad student. Always manipulating the system. 
My workouts have been so intense lately. I think it's because my threshold for pain is higher, so even when I'm dying, I keep going. This newfangled tolerance is all thanks to my ankle workouts. 
Plus, I'm always incredibly sore. My thighs and calves hurt so much. My abs are fine, though, and my arms and back despite myself. 

Here's the Lush Ice Blue soap I bought over break.

Aaaand here's a picture of three hats I've made, for my mom and brothers. I made a fourth hat, but it looks the same as the blue one, and it's for someone not in my family. The purple hat is the biggest one, and it took the longest since it was the first one I ever made. The three blue and green ones took about 24 hrs all together. Right now I'm working halfheartedly on a mustard yellow hat for myself.
I didn't include any of my scarves. I made one yellow scarf, a purple and a brown one, but I didn't have enough skene to finish the other two.

The "phenomenon" of the blue/brown dress, I too have experienced. It looked gold and white, then blue and black. Sometimes it changes back, but usually it looks blue to me. It's not a monitor coloration thing, there's no mystical scientific rule about it. It's just our eyes adjusting. This picture was taken in dim lighting, and so the shadows confuse our retinal color rods about the dress's color, but after a few moments, our eyes adjust, like they might do if you were in a dark room. If you took another picture of it in better light, it would look its proper color.

Koko the Gorilla cries over her kitten.

Lauren Hill "Love," giving a graduating class a bit of worldly advice.

Aziz Ansari's advice on marriage.

I'm gonna go with 70s rock band Journey, because why not?
I refuse to name this song. If you don't know it, you're dead to me.
P.S. I learned that Steve Perry is Katy Perry's dad.
I had no idea.

And now allow the Axis of Awesome to explain how the 4 chords, found in the song above, can also be found in many other songs. If you play any instrument and do covers, you'll see the truth in this.


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