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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Iditarod & Goodbye Brielle

Two dresses and one skirt. What a comfy outfit :D It's a much more successful version than yesterday's.

So I went to see the 2015 iditarod with a friend, for the first time. It was windy and crowded and exciting since I hardly get to go anywhere, but I think I would have been fine with seeing it on television. First time for everything, I suppose, but it was cold and wet, and after the first twenty minutes or so, I'd seen all I wanted--three mushing teams ran by. My friend wanted to see them all, but I wasn't interested; all the teams looked the same, and they would continue to look the same.
For the record, I didn't wear this outfit there. This outfit is from Thursday. 
Anyway, my friend got so much complimentary stuff! She always overdoes it. Whenever we go to conventions and they give away lighters or hats or pins or even balloons, she gets four of each. Exxon-Mobil (an Alaskan oil company) was giving away coffee, cocoa, complimentary baubbles and huge sugar cookies. My friend got 18 cookies.

Anyway, we went to the mall afterward and I found some really good stores my mother would love, so I'll get her gifts from each. One is Lush, the all-natural, hypoallergenic biodegradable soap, lotion, perfume and skin care store. I bought a piece of soap, so I'll see if I like them. Then there was a cooking oil store, whose oil was so tasty--they had dozens of flavored oils. And then we found an herbal tea store, whose flavors were very gentle and balanced in sweetness. 
I wish I'd had a professional camera for my fun day. But oh well. 

I realize my friend doesn't let me get away with stuff anymore. 
Like, I'm the kind of person who doesn't want to wear out your generosity or hospitality, so sometimes if you want to buy me stuff, I reject it. Not rudely, of course, but her family is uber-generous, and I don't want to take advantage of it. But the problem is, she can see that now, so she won't let me reject things. When we went to McD's for breakfast, I wasn't hungry so I ordered nothing, and my friend looked at me like T_T "Eat something." And the day before, we went to the deli and I only wanted a veggie burrito, and she did it again T_T "That can't be all you want. That wouldn't feed a rabbit." And we went to get ice cream, only I'd already eaten a complimentary cookie  (which was plenty of sugar, thank you very much) and was still full from coffee and cereal for breakfast, so I didn't want any, and she was like ):< "You has to get something, you make me look like fatty." So I got a fruit smoothie that took me an hour to consume. 

Overall, it was fun. I didn't feel it at the time, being so tired, but I had lots of fun, in retrospect. And besides, my excitement for things is very quiet. I'm glad she realizes that, because some of my friends don't. I'm not a giggly, jump up and down, smile a lot kind of excited. My excitement is really quiet, and I can't force it to be more exuberant, so my feelings might look like polite indifference to an onlooker who doesn't know me. Even with her, now and then she checks with me to make sure I'm "doing ok," because I get quiet, just absorbing everything. 

We also went web surfing, and I saw that viral Uganda nanny, Jolly Tumhurwe, who got caught on a nanny-cam beating the two-year-old (approx) in her care. Of course it shook me up. It starts with her feeding the baby (a bit aggressively, I think) on the couch, the TV going in the background, and the nanny suddenly slaps the hell out of the girl, telling her to swallow. She does it twice more, until the kid is done eating. Then later, while they're watching TV, the little girl pukes up all her food (because, of course, she'd been hit in the head not long ago, and the vomit was projectile). There's a pause, then the woman throws the girl off the couch, picks up an unidentifiable object (a trophy, maybe? Maybe a power tool of some kind) and beats the girl's legs. Then she kicks the girl in the side, in the head, stomps on her back, steps on her several times so you can hear bones snapping (maybe not breaking, but definitely snapping). She then picks her up by her arm and carries her to the next room and the film cuts off with the girl screaming but unseen. 
The dad beat the shit out of the nanny when he saw the video, so she's now in a wheelchair and eating through a tube. Initially he was arrested for it, but when the video was seen by the masses, all charges were dropped and she's being charged for attempted murder. The little girl is fine.
Of course I'm not going to post the video, because my blog is not about things like that. This is my kind-of diary, my getaway and my happy place, and that video doesn't belong here. You can find it online, if you'r e a masochist, but my description of the film is accurate if you can't bear the visual. But it really impressed upon me, especially since the woman was only 22 or so. I'm not that much younger, but I can't imagine a young adult being so jaded as to torture a child like that. I keep wondering what the point of the beatings were. I mean, if she hates kids so much, why be a nanny? How did she think slapping a child would make them swallow? Did she think the baby puked on the floor to spite her? Did she never consider that the father might notice the bruises, or that in the long term, the child might eventually learn to speak and say something to tip her parents off? It just doesn't make sense. 
Anyway. Here's some happy pictures. 

The Mirror--Anorexia.

On a lighter note, Thomas Sanders vine compilation of 2014.

I chose a beautiful song by Adam Young, American electronica singer/instrumentalist who calls himself Sky Sailing, who most people know best for his "Owl City" project, which became his official stage name. You all know him for "Vanilla Twilight" and "Fireflies," two hugely popular songs. But most people have never heard "Brielle,"
Den Brielle is a Netherlands seaport that apparently Mr. Young really loved.
But when he sings about it, it sounds like he's singing for a girl. For some reason, I had a whole story for it going in my head, based purely on the tune.


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