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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Flat Tire & Happy Wall

Today I got all dolled up just to find we had a flat tire. We went down to a gas station with the flat flapping on the road, but their air pump was broken. Then we spent about half an hour trying to get a half-frozen can of Fixer to fill the tires temporarily. Didn't really work, even after I soaked it in hot water the convenience store's lavatory sink.

Afterwards, we solicited help from our landlord's assistant, who in turn got another tenant to help us. I assume he was a professional mechanic, because he came right over and lay down on the ground, under the car, no questions asked. 

By that time, it was about noon, so we went into town for food, ran some errands, got coffee because I demand it, and decided not to go to school. What a waste of an outfit.
Made for an exciting day, though. And there was pizza involved.

While the guy was fixing the car (with some lady I'd never met) I felt ridiculous, standing there in my makeup and finery while they got grimy. So I tried to help them however I could, and later we gave them money as a thanks for their trouble. 

I wasn't trying to be cute in this pic. I dunno, it just comes out. It's not my fault I look 14. It was a normal smile, then I looked at it and thought how utterly unlike me that image was. Contrary to what my pictures may purvey, I'm not particularly feminine. I mean, I am, but not, you know? 

Here here here I found something funny. 

So you know those little aged, ripped notes with typed poetry on them, that you find in pictures all over the web? 

Tyler Knott Gregson writes his poems on scraps and was recognized through tumblr.
I found his page :B

An advertisement from the Royal Dutch Dog Guide Foundation.
George Carlin "Euphemisms"

Sooo I found a good way of fighting depression.
Instead of counting all those crosses, count blessings.
I used to put my favorite quotes on my bedroom wall. But all my quotes were sad.
So when I saw Ed Sheeran's Happy Wall in "All of the Stars," I knew I was using the wrong kind of cough syrup.

Blessed day to all,
and to all a blessed day

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