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Friday, March 6, 2015

Failed Experiment & Hallelujah

I was trying to go for a tiered, urban look.
Didn't work.

So because I have no house, I have no way to work out, and forget running outside, because this is Alaska and still winter. For the past... Jesus, almost two years, I've been working out at my school's track for about an hour and a half after school. Originally it'd been two hours, but I got tired of coming home at 4:30 in the evening. Plus, 2 hour workouts became 3, because for a while I had a swimming class right before school gets out. Anyway, the exercising was because I was a bad runner, and since I'm enlisted, that needed to change--I can pushup til hell freezes over, but running's always been my sore point. This made it so I haven't been able to do riflery anymore. I've been going at it hardcore for years, and this past year I finally manage to run a mile and a half without stopping, thanks to my ankle exercises that take the agonizing running pain out of my shin splints.
But I workout alone. 
Besides PT with my platoon, I can count on two hands how many times I've had a workout partner. 
My friends don't workout. When they try to, they distract me from working out. So other people on the track have seen me lone wolfing it for two years, and once in a while, someone will stop me and say "Hey, I see you up here every day. Good job," or some variation thereof.
And it kind of makes my day. 

Hahaha I saw this show.

Space Balls. I hated that movie, growing up.

Rats laugh when you tickle them. Did ya know that?

Here's a crying parrot.

And a cockatoo with a foul mouth.

There was Leonard Cohen.
Then Kate Voegele.
And finally Jeff Buckley. 


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