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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Drabbles & Barcelona

As you can tell, I'm very partial to band tees and hippie skirts. 
I actually wore this Tuesday. 

As far as birthdays go, this one wasn't bad. At first it was a meh day, which made me real depressed because I wanted this one day to feel different, and I had a bit of a breakdown that had little to do with my birthday so much as a conglomerate of things over the past two years. But I left early, took a nap so I could wake in a better mood and salvage the day, and so I did. I got a few well wishes, and not one of my family members forgot my birthday. Overall people were very kind to me today. I got some very kind compliments on the outfit (not this one). 
For the past two years, I've been distinctly dismayed at my birthdays. My 17 b-day, I wanted to die. My 18th, I can't really remember. I'm sure in a year, I'll forget about this one too. I do not say that lightly. 

But I have two friends who both want to throw me parties, and I don't like being fawned over, but I thank them both for the sentiment and if either of them make good on it, I'll accept it with good grace. It's a lovely consideration.
Speaking of, one of my friends who I've slowly been growing apart from, I think she's noticed that I started to let her go. Suddenly, she's been reaching out to me. I don't know how to feel about it, and I feel rotten for how much animosity I have against her, mostly because of how intense I feel, and because I don't even try to mediate or tame those emotions. But when I go down to Texas I suppose it won't matter. We can't stay friends forever.

So my older brother got a girlfriend. Again. Not to call him a rolling stone, but he gets around. Both of my older brothers are total romantics, desperate to fall in love, and they talk about love with a freedom and ease I do not possess. My other brother hasn't had a serious girlfriend yet, and among other things, the reason is because he's so damn picky. Not that one shouldn't be, but to an extent. I hope I don't become that way. 
I know most people are free with their bodies and sharing love, perhaps too much so. I've heard people justify their unhealthy consumption of food with YOLO and say about tattoos 'if the body's a temple, why not decorate the walls?' but I think that's careless.
Yes, it's your body and you may do what you please, but it's your body. You live once, get one vessel, so treat it right--be choosy with who you share it with, what you put on and in it, and have respect for it. If you can't respect your body and demand respect for it, no one else will respect it, nor your mind or your life. 
Me personally, I want to travel the world. I'll find love later.
It's such a turnaround. It's not that I lack for suitors, so to speak, but I haven't met anyone I really really liked who liked me (except Brandon, but he went to college before I realized he liked me). 
Plus, what the hell do I need a boyfriend for right now?

To be honest, whenever my brother gets a girlfriend, I always want to meet her and become best friends. 

My last thought is about sexual harassment. Some fellow bloggers were talking about it. 
I think most women by age 20 have received sexual harassment in some form. I know I have, and it wasn't subtle. In theory, having someone admire you or talk suggestively to you sounds flattering, but in practice it's seriously disconcerting. It's bizarre to hear how some men (or women) talk to or cat call women, like they don't realize they're creepy and they think they're charming. 
But the aforementioned bloggers were hooted at based on their attire. One of them wore a sleeveless long checkered dress, and it was tight, but still, most clothes are. I felt sorry for her, but the other blogger, not so much. She wore a super tight long pencil skirt, a crop top, no bra and half a foot of midriff. She said she was hooted at and she was so pissed, but I had little sympathy. I wouldn't go so far as to say she asked for it, but it wasn't unwarranted. It's not to say those men had the right, because they didn't, but news flash--we women live in a world with many lecherous men. It's no secret. Yes, we have the right to dress how we want, and we shouldn't have to be harassed for it, but we are, so dress accordingly. She didn't have to enjoy it, but in my eyes, she had little right to be so angry. But I get the feeling she's a feminazi, so her reaction was to be expected. 
If I were in her place, if I were showing that much skin, I would have been ashamed--not that she should feel this way--because I contributed to my own debasement. I would have been more conservative from then on. Now, with this outfit above, if I'd received lewd remarks, I would have been irritated because I'm barely showing anything besides ankle and arms. Nonetheless, I might have covered up my arms to prevent a repetition of that embarrassment. 
Moral is this: if you want to dress scantily, brush off the rude men.
Rant over. 

Kay & Peele
"The Substitute Teacher"

Gong Xi Fa Cai
How easy it is to forget...

Barcelona is a new-ish Seattle band who modeled themselves after Coldplay, Death Cab, Lovedrug, U2 and Copeland. Incidentally, it's also the capital of the autonomous Catalonia, Spain. 
What's with bands and their European city namesakes?
"Time to Mend"


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