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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Angel Dress & Fallen

My outfits are wacked again, all out of date.

After doing my business in the bathroom, I had a poignant thought.
The best physical feelings in the world are big shits, great food and orgasms that take you to the moon and back. (an honorary mention of course to washboard-ab-inducing laughter and long naps)
I wanted to post it to facebook, but I thought that'd be too crude.
Aw, don't stick your nose up. We all take shits. It's not a taboo subject, and I, for one, love the feeling of taking a good shit.
In a year I'll look at this post and want to reach back in time to throttle myself.

Inspirational short film about two orphans, Ahmad and Fizi.

Three week old boxer puppy howling.

Sarah McLachlan again.
"Fallen," the song that made even the most cynical jerks say "She ain't too shabby."


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