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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tryless & Invisible

I tried very hard to get enough light in so my leggings appeared green in the light, but no dice.
This was a really casual outfit, since I hadn't felt like wearing anything that day. 

Here's a teen who has no legs and one arm... and he uses that disability in a diabolically ingenious way.

So I'm studying psychological thrillers and urban fiction. Of course I'd be drawn to sordid and creepy subgenres, but they fascinate me because they seem challenging to compose.

The artist today is Skylar Grey. The first song I heard by her was "Invisible" when I was fourteen. I loved it but hated it, because it was like looking into a mirror. At that time, I was still anorexic, manic depressant, and was self harming, but just like I do today, I dressed up every day and smiled like I didn't think about suicide between every breath. 
Here's some depressing music, because why not?

But I'm still here.
Thank God. Thank God.
Little blessings.

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