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Monday, February 16, 2015

Living Up to the Name & Queen

I did some research on query letters for Monsters--or more, I should say--and sent out my first five. I might send out one or two more, and if I don't get responses by this time next month, I'll resend. I'm both nervous and excited. 
Nervous: if they don't accept me, I know it's no skin off my back, since there are hundreds of other agents out there--plus, if I'm rejected, it's not like I can be embarrassed, because they've never seen my face, and anyway, thousands of amazing authors were rejected before accepted. But if they give me cruel critique in response, I know I have to be objective about their words and also filter through the needless rudeness--in an unkind letter, there may still be good advice to take to heart, and it's a challenge to recognize the good advice yet not let their cruelty strike down my confidence. But I'm also worried about good critique. I know I have room for improvement, and I certainly want to improve, but I also don't want to get advice that makes me want to significantly revamp the story. I guess it sounds vapid, but I've been writing this particular story all my high school life, and I want it to be over with. 
Excited: when someone does accept me, I know this is the first part of my writing career, and I have to do things carefully. I mean, I'm still a teen. I know basically nothing about advertising, press, packaging, and sponsors and contracts and publication and whatnot. I'm a writer, not an entrepreneur. Propaganda ain't my thing, nor am I particularly interested. But I know there are steps I have to take to ensure that I'm not manipulated--for instance, taking the contract to an attorney so I don't sign a paper that says my agent is allowed to screw me without Vaseline whenever they feel like. And when someone does accept me, when they realize how old I'm not, I fear they'll take advantage. In this instance, I have to lean on my mother's advice. 
I actually didn't have anyone proofread my query. Sounds dumb, right? But I did enough research to try and make up for that. Reason why is because a professional's service costs money that I don't have, the other people I know don't understand anything about queries, and my mother... I dunno. I just balked at the thought of her proofreading it. She knows some about business letters, she might be of help, but I don't want to turn to her unless as last resort. I can't explain it.
But I'm certain I'll be accepted. Maybe not for a while, but I have no doubts about my writing abilities. I know that while I'm not the best author, nor the most experienced, I'm not bad. And if the published garbage I've read is any indication, even the worst stories can be accepted if you pitch your project to the right agency. 

So I invented this outfit a long time ago, but I've never featured it before. I love wearing a cute frilly outfit one day, then something like this the next. Makes it so no one can typify or generalize me.

Here's some more wicked cool tee shirts. 

Here's an autistic girl named Carly, who has managed to express intelligence far exceeding that we believe of people with her disability.

Here's what it's like through Carly's eyes.

So because I'm listening to Queen, here's queen.
"Another One Bites the Dust."


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