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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Intrinsic Pragmatist & Civalias

I've missed this shirt for a long time. A couple weeks ago, I got into my storage for the first time, and my sniffer was immediately assaulted by the tang of rat urine. Rats had gotten in over the winter and pooped on anything, and so I just got the shirt and left. There's no sense kicking the rats out, they'd only come back. The damage is done. I'll just have to get it cleaned up when it's summer and hope no mama rats gave birth to kids inside my important boxes. 
I'd be angry about it, but they were actually kind of a cute. 

An interesting Norwegian film
"Second Wind"

I've learned recently that a really good underground indie band I know called Civalias actually isn't an official band. Suck much.
"Anything But You."


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