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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Coat Check & The Day I Would Bury You

Did a 6 hour volunteer job for SCI as a coat checker along with two friends. We got so bored that we talked... for a long time. About everything. Appropriate and otherwise.
And made ten bucks in tips, so there's that. 

I wouldn't have worn this for the job, but my friend (who originally solicited the position to me) failed to mention that professional attire might be recommended. But since it was their annual hunting auction, I didn't stand out too much. 

80s senior prom pics. I think they're Seagulls fans.

How to clean your new kitten. This is so adorable.

Here's a German coast guard Lost in Translation video. 

Upon watching The Perfect Stranger (at twelve, mind you) I heard this song in the credits.
The movie was really good, but it's certainly not for kids. Very graphic and explicit.
Nina Nastasia is... well, she's kind of nobody. Her career is coming along very slowly. I'm not sure what her music style is either.
"The Day I Would Bury You."


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