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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Burnt Orange & Days Go By

Some family friends (it's weird to think we've known them that long) daughter, Symphoni, is like a sister to me. I've known her for years now, and I just adore her. She's so quirky and funny and mature and mostly down to earth. I'm sure that's easy for me to say, since I don't have to live with her and put up with her day in and out, but whatever. 
I remember a few years ago, she admired my hair and expressed distaste for her own. It really upset me, because for years I hated my curls because they were frizzy and ugly to me. Granted, I didn't have the right hair products, but nevertheless, my self disgust wasn't healthy. As a lowerclassman, I always straightened my hair. It didn't look that great. But after I found Cream of Nature, I've had my hair natural going on three years. I've learned to love my hair so much, and so when Symphoni said she hated her curls, I told her not to. I told her she's not white, and her hair will never be straight and she'll hurt herself constantly denying it. I told her to rock her hair, because it's beautiful, and to adapt her style to fit it. At that time, her hair was in semi-dreads, and I told her there are white girls who'd kill to have hair like that, because it's edgy. And I noticed this year, since she started high school, her hair is always natural or in braids. She wraps it with turbans, adorns it with barets and accessories, and I was so proud of her for accepting who she is far sooner than I had. 
What sort of shook my world was that one day I saw her in the hall, wearing an oversized chambray top with rolled up sleeves, converse, a headband with flowers in her hair, some plaid and leggings, and I realized I was practically looking into a mirror. I realized she had imitated my style, probably unbeknownst to her. I realized that just telling her to love her hair wasn't enough, but I had modeled that philosophy for her. I had influence over her, over how she perceived herself. I had become a leader.
This struck me especially because I once wrote a monologue about leaders. 
And what I wrote is just as true now as it was then.

In textile we were exploring our body types, measurements, sizing and colors. For me, I already know I'm usually a petite, size medium/small/6-4, know my measurements by heart from all the online shopping, that I'm a pair shape, and know that muted or deeper colors look best with my skin and hair. This orange is one of those colors that best suits me. I usually shy away from pastels/powders and vibrant colors anyway, but my teacher was indicating that certain colors are simply impossible for a person to wear. I disagree with that. You can wear whatever you please, but some things just look better on some people. She said pastels looked icky on me (not that I'm offended) and good on a paler person, which is true, but it doesn't mean I can't wear neon or pastels. I mean, I'd still wear dart, neutral colors even if I was white as a ghost with blond hair. Sure it'd wash me out, but it would also highlight other physical properties. 
It reminds me of how some people compliment my clothes, and then say "I could never pull that off." It doesn't make sense to me. There's no 'pulling off' an outfit. You just put it on, and if you like what you wear, it will look nice on you. But I don't think many people put as much emphasis on signature fashion as much as I do. I mean, when I'm interested in a style, I study it, ogle it, spend crazy money on its accessories, but maybe others just admire it forlornly and never think to actually go for it. 
Hence my sudden obsession with grunge back in June. 

On this day, I became very glad that I have a usually easygoing nature, because while I was having lunch, my plastic fork snapped and caused my red noodles to spill all over my skirt and chest. It was a bit embarrassing, having to be seen like that, but I fortunately had a change of gym clothes in my locker. 

Here's the 15 Most violent prisons on earth. 
Don't get arrested anywhere but in America, folks.
Graphic content. 

Originally, I wasn't going to post another video, but my rant about hair made me want to post this.
"Dove Hair: Love Your Curls."
This video made me want to cry, listening to those little girls talk about their hair.

Garsh dern it. 
How about some Stevie Nicks?
A song once called "Days Go By," now called "If You Ever Did Believe."

I'm proud of me. 
I've been doing much better at not swearing :D
Well, at least not too much. You stand out a lot more if you don't swear. 

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