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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Burgundy Babe & The Troys

If I had a mustache, I'd totally get this. 

Here's a buttload of Louis C.K.

Okay, music, music...
I suppose The Troys will suffice. 
When I was about six and loved the Powerpuff Girls, this album mix came out and I just had to have it. So one of the songs on the track was by The Troys, I'm pretty sure who were covering "What Do You Do." Honestly, I know nothing else about the song. I know The Troys are two girls with wacky hair, but I don't know if they're related or lovers or what. I think they may have covered the song for  a movie, but who knows. And they didn't get very popular, so.
You know, I remember my mom got the wrong CD before she got the right one. The CD she got had one song on it called "Pray For the Girls," by Frank Black. I remember loving that song. 


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