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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bat Girl & Spice Girls

This outfit was 8x less cool than I wanted. I'm just off my groove this week.
Maybe I'm just being too critical.

I had a thought, the morning I put on this outfit. I woke up and suddenly thought that within the context of high school, I know who I am, where I stand, what I stand for and where I'm going. But in the real world, where I hold down a job and pay bills and live alone, I realize I will struggle for years to find comfort. To learn to be myself again. And I've lived almost 20 years with my mother, so I'm thinking it's going to take years for me to consider myself an adult or woman.

Here's a face drawing guide for those of you folk who have trouble drawing people.

If this was a book?
I'd want to read it. Gosh, it'd be cool.

Octopus escapes jar.

When parents ask if you're high...

Because I know there's never going to be a better or worse place to feature "Wannabe" by Spice Girls, the British 90's version of Cheetah Girls.


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