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Monday, February 2, 2015

Accessories are the Cure & Excess

Another fun outfit.

My Helena Bonham-Carter hair again.

I ended up raising my sleeves, which made it look more casual. I wish I'd done that for the picture, but I was in too big of a rush to get artsy. 

Never going to give you you up, never gonna let you down... 

The bad good samaritan.

The secret stoner.

Parents always think you're up to no good.

So I'm nearly done with Black Boy and Clash of Kings. I won't finish The Ruby Circle for a long while yet, and I'm not even halfway through Frankenstein, but I'm impressed that I've been able to read multiple books at once. I once didn't believe myself capable of that, much less reading them in a timely fashion. 

I've actually got "She's a Genius" stuck in my head, but I wanted to feature a particular song and I can't imagine there'll be a better time to present it.
Tricky, an English singer and actor, is actually Adrian Nicholas Matthews Thaws. He does a blend of rock and hip pop, and is known for his "dark, rich tones and whispering sprechesang lyric style."
His individualistic style is synonymous to none. And, frankly, creepy.
Here's "Excess."


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