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Saturday, January 24, 2015

WWYD & Duran Duran

I guess this outfit is considered grungey. 
I love Luanna P., but her outfits have grown monotonous. I guess that's unavoidable after doing outfits for three years, short of buying new interesting garment each day. Her outfits are predictable and repetitive now, and it makes me glad lookbook has such a broad range of people with cool outfit ideas. 

What Would You Do? is an American Primetime reality show that started in 2008. 
They use hidden cameras to observe how people will act if they are faced with a staged dilemma to take action or turn cheek.They're one of few reality shows of relevant consequence. 
Here are a few episode synopsis. 

I chose English rock band Duran Duran.
O NOES you say. ANUTHR 70s BAND? WHY!
Because they're kickass and got dat bass.
"Hungry Like the Wolf."


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