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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Step Back & Slow Dancing In a Burning Room

Sorry! This was a post from last Friday, but I didn't notice I forgot to publish it. 

For my government class, I went to a community council. It was pretty crazy and not in a pleasant way. People were just downright disrespectful to other's opinions just because they wanted to voice their own. It was just like on TV. I came in right on time to listen to this conspiracy theorist fanatic yelling at the people. 

I had to dress down because I was going to a friend's house. 
We talked about our limitations and how we wanted to expand our experiences. I realize how limited my day to day experiences are, because of things like transportation and finances, but I hope to be bombarded with freedom soon. 

Here's a TED talk that will convince you cannabis should be legalized. 

Here's John Meyer's "Slow Dancing In a Burning Room," an incredible acoustic song I wrote a short story to go with. 


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