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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kai Davis & You Are the Moon

Missing Rainy just now. Maybe that's why all the dresses.

Here's some spoken word/slam poetry by the amazing black freewheeling bisexual feminist Kai Davis. This one is "Color Me Homicidal."

This next one is "Loving In Parts." 

I think her poetry is beautiful and passionate. But I don't agree totally with her opinion. She's too angry. She often accuses others of being racist even while they're trying not to be racist. She's so stuck on racism, it shows that she's the racist one. She construes things to have negative connotations all the time. She swears too much and can't say the word "person" without saying "black/white" first. She did a rant about hipsters that appalled me. 

For music I chose The Hush Sound again, this time Greta singing.
"You Are the Moon."


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