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Friday, January 2, 2015

Firefly & 2015

Happy New Years!
I know I've been unpardonably neglectful of posting, but in my defense, there was really nothing much to post.

This outfit reminds me of Firefly, and not just because I've had a marathon of it recently. I got this outfit's idea from a guy on lookbook, ironically enough. And this guy looks almost exactly like Johnny Depp, I kid you not.

Ain't he just dapper? 
While I've been gone, I've spent every waking second writing, and I'm nearly done with my novel. But it's going to take lots of editing and merging to cut it from 200000 words to at least 125000.
One of my brothers came to visit, which was crowded and at times emotionally trying, but it was a nice stay in the end. He and I used to be close growing up, but when the days grew dark around us, we drifted apart and haven't drifted back together since--we're still recovering our relationship from those dark days.

 I've been doing my best to be helpful around the little shack that's my home because I'm going to ask my mother again to let me leave ROTC to explore textile. I asked her earlier in December and she said no, but she'll change her mind.

Another plus is that there is a chance of getting on a plane again. The first time I'd been on a plane in over thirteen years was when I was 16, and I flew to Chicago and back by myself. I'd capitulated to not getting on another until I leave for bootcamp, but it seems my mother has to see a doctor in Hawaii, and I'm keen on going with her, even if it means ditching school for three days. By my estimation, it won't happen until about February. It would be a rushed experience with no spending money, but just leaving Alaska for a few days sounds like a dream come true. Hell, getting on planes exhilarates me. It will give me a chance to test my street photography skills, at any rate

For this new year, I'm going to start my Happy Jar.
I've wanted to do this for years, but I never have. What you do is get a jar, and for one year you write down every good thing that happened to you, and the date. Ate a great sandwhich? Put it down. Someone complimented you? Write it. You got to pet a turtle and it made you sooooo friggin happy? Write it! And at the end of  each day, fold it up and put it in your Happy Jar. At the end of the year, empty that jar and go through memory lane. It makes you see that no matter how unaccomplished you feel a year was, you're reminded that lots of good things happened for you

Earlier I found another blogger. I immediately pegged her for Christian because the way she smiled, the glow of happiness about her. And I've felt that way before, but I realized how often I don't feel that way. I realized that for so many years I've written about how I feel when I'm hurt or angry, I forget to write about when I'm overcome with joy. I wanted to blame that on my circumstances, but I know one can be happy when they're most unhappy. And then I remembered a verse in the Bible that said "God's word is an enemy for depression."
When I'm upset, I shouldn't be writing down my bitter feelings. I should be reading my torah. Because when you spend so much time reading the word of God, you can't help but be peaceful, happy, forgiving and easygoing.
I've heard people try to explain why religion is important. Once I heard someone say "Religion doesn't have to make sense; man just needs to believe in a higher power."
That makes religion sound like a fairy tale designed to make people feel good.
But I think religion is important because it encourages man to appeal to his better nature.
And if believing in God can make people happy, make them love one another, then I think everyone should believe in something.

Here's a video of that blogger.

From the television series Awkward.

In case any of you have seen those fabulous zodiac tees ...

I found a site that sells them for a reasonable price. 
Go to

Also, here's a video. 
If The Sims was a horror movie?

Now I suppose you expect me to give you moozik.
So I chose John Legend.
No, not "All of Me."
 I chose an older song. An arguably better song.
I chose "Who Did That to You?"
From Quentin Terrantino's Django: Unchained

So my friends, my new year's resolution is to try, try, try to find joy.
I'll try to read my torah more. After all, if I had not had Adonai in my world, I would have died years ago.
And I hope you'll forgive me for all the negativity I've poured through this blog.

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