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Friday, January 23, 2015

Every 15 Minutes & Four Tops

I actually wasn't happy with this outfit. I liked it well enough, but pettiskirt hitched a lot in the back and the skirt is sheer. Heels would have been nice too, but it's winter and my backpack is heavy--in heels I have to compensate for my bad knee that I screwed up when I was sixteen and exercising on concrete floors in the basement. Having a heavy backpack and heels just won't do.
So I think I'll do this outfit again in the summer, with my hair in braids, wearing heels and a bowler hat. I'll hold myself to it. 

My school did Every 15 Minutes over two years ago. The program is an activity to remind students not to drink and drive. Students do a skit in which one student drives drunk/texting and hits other students. The students who "died" wear white painted faces and are completely silent for the entire day, and other pre-selected students write eulogies for them. They let us all watch the video and have a funeral/memorial for the deceased. Many schools have amazing visuals for their skit video. In 2012 MISD had a great one. 

Here's another one of my favorites, by Pleasant Hill. 

See the other videos online. They range widely. My favorites were just the gory ones because they were the most honest about the reality of car wrecks. 

I chose Four Tops today.
I've been reading Black Boy by Richard Wright, and have to watch The Color Purple, so right now I'm immersed in racial discrimination studies. So it makes me see this band differently.
Four Tops is an American vocal quartet who helped define "motown" doing soul, R&B, disco and jazz music. In the 60s.
They were all black men.
It's amazing to me now when I hear black people accomplishing such great feats, becoming so famous at such an oppressing time. And for those of you who might get your panties in a bunch because I said I'm amazed they were able to do that, I'm not racist. I'm Jewish, African-American, native American, German, and of the Kohler family lineage, so who knows what else. The only thing I'm not is Hispanic or Asian. I'm a boiling pot of previously enslaved and oppressed minorities. I reiterate, I'm not racist. I just find it incredible when oppressed people can rise above their oppressors. 
Anyway. I woke this morning nodding to this song, so I decided to feature it. 
"I Can't Help Myself."


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