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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Edgy & The Click Five

So I'm in textile now. Very happy about that. I'm also in drawing and a jewelry class, which is great because I needed some extracurricular courses. I haven't done much drawing of late. I think I've drawn maybe three pictures in the past year, and none of them were spectacular. I'm also in iSchool now, which sucks but it's a lesser evil. 
Now that it's 2015 I've really got to kick it into gear with my working out. I need to shave a lot of time off my mile run. But right now I'm so exhausted, I'm feeling stressed about things that don't need to happen yet, like recruiting for my writing club and editing someone's novel and cutting my novel down. I'm down to 165000 words in Monsters and still cutting. I really need a nap.

This outfit was a throw-it-together thing. It wasn't that comfy, but what can you ask for from tights?

I wrapped a couple belts around my boots to add aesthetic. 

I discovered Nosleep on reddit recently (like creepypasta) and read a few horror/suspense stories that were really good. I've never read horror stories that actually scared me, but some of these are the bomb.
Here's a few. This one is Mold.
You start at "Original" and go down the line.

The next one is The Cordyceps Weapon.

The last related to that story is Infected Town. 
I haven't actually finished reading this one, because it's so long. But it's an intriguing premise and I like the way the stories are separate, though clearly written by the same person and revolve around the same plot. 

The very first Nosleep story I ever read was the best, because it was succinct, gripping, and it had me thinking it was real for a while there. It's like a written version of Paranormal Activity or The Blair Witch Project. 
It starts with the Abstract. 

Here's a College Humor series about if Google was a guy.

The Click Five, a band I found years ago and have since deleted from my iPod to make room for Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, was a small time American boy band from Boston. They had enormous potential, but in the end they didn't hit the big league. 
My favorite song by them was "Just the Girl."


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