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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Corset Shorts & Story of a Girl

I felt super pretty this day, because in my photography class we had photo shoots, and my friends all made me model for them the whole time. It was kind of awkward trying to "channel sexy/runway face" but they were really sweet. And people kept telling me I looked nice, so there's that. 

I got the shirt from Pac Sun for 19 dollars, and another one for free. 

The shorts used to be pants, but I cut them a long time ago. I love them in theory, but when I put them on, they make me look like I have a lot of pooch in my stomach.

I was going to wear a bandeau, but it kept sliding down my non-existent breasts. So I wrapped a black scarf around my chest instead, like Mulan when she had to pose as a guy to join the military. 

Here's a crazy Stay In School commercial. I think it's banned in Switzerland? 

No music will do. Nothing makes me think of this outfit. 
So here's a random song by a random artist.
"Story of a Girl," 3 Doors Down.


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