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Monday, January 26, 2015

Brown Eyed Girl & Fallout

I'm so tired of dresses. Tomorrow I'm wearing pants. 

The O.C.
"Rich Kids."

An advertisement on racism.

And because I'm not convinced I featured it already, a bit of Jaboody Dubs infomercial.

I have no music in mind at the moment. 
But you can't go wrong with a little Marianas Trench.
They're a British pop rock boy band from early 2000, who actually came from Canada (?), but I think that doesn't make sense, so I'm just going to call them British. 
Incidentally, the Mariana's Trench is on the western Pacific Ocean, by the Mariana Islands and the deepest in the world, being 1500 miles deep and 43 miles wide. The pressure is assumed to reach 1000psi (which by the way is 1000x standard sea level pressure). This is the place you find goblin sharks, angler fish and other fossil creatures that aren't fossilized.
Enjoy the shallow junior-high music.


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