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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Uniform & Hero of War

I think this might be my last uniform day in NJROTC. I've been hoping to leave the class because I have no love for it anymore. I used to be passionate about it, and I stayed in it for three and a half years because I know that time transfers to the military, and I'd jump rank to an E3. But now I memorized the curriculum, I feel like we do nothing almost all the time, and I don't want to wear the uniform any more. I excelled at that class, and I feel like I've earned my little retirement. I'm a squad leader who doesn't want to be a squad leader. Don't get me wrong, there are some things I love, like when we march in sync or when we do PT, or the camaraderie you share with people after knowing them for so long. I like my platoon, but I don't like the program anymore.
The main reason I can't just dust my hands of it is because of my mother, though. I understand why she's pushed me to do it for so long, but now, I feel like I'm doing time for nothing. On top of that, there are other classes I want to take and NJROTC gets in the way of that. I haven't told her how I feel yet, and every time I think about it, I clam up. I think I'll tell her Monday, when we're at a coffee shop, so there's less chance she'll go ballistic in public. I actually can't be sure of her reaction. I know it may be  relative to how I approach her, but she'll either be vehemently opposed or generously acquiesce, and I can never tell which.
So just in case, I took a picture of my uniform. 

Here's my "fruit salad" on the right.
One thing I like about the program is that we have our own vocabulary. Phrases like "make a hole" meaning get out of the way, or semper fi(delus), which means always faithful. It's like being in a club. 

I found a video by Kathryn Bigelow about elephant poaching. It didn't impress me, but maybe it will impress you.

As for music, I have one military-related song by Rise Against, an emotionally charged rock band that's a bit like Linkin Park, lyrics-wise.
"Hero of War."

Semper fi
do or die

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