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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Stereo Grunge & Blue States

Wednesday when I wore this, I was going for a grunge look. A lot of grunge dresses of dark color are lightened up by wearing a white tee beneath and some casual boots. With this dress, I haven't worn it because it exposed a lot of shoulder (and I'd get cold) and it's colors were too light for my liking. So I reversed the effect by giving it a dark tee beneath.

For my English final, I was all for calling myself in absent and skipping my class, but I was afraid of it going south--from experience, I know that if you're going to be deceptive, make sure you can account for and manage every possibility. In this case, I wasn't sure I could account for everything--there were too many variables, things that could go wrong. So I went anyway. Turned out I rocked my final, and I'm glad I braved it.

Here's more about Shane.

Here's the first woman to complete the America Ninja Warrior obstacle course, Kacy Katanzaro. 
She made that course look like cake.

I'd like to feature Aerosmith, but I know I've featured them enough. 
I chose Blue States, a downtempo English 90s band who performed the creepy cool song in the credits of 28 Days Later. 
"Season Song."


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