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Friday, December 19, 2014

Sleep Getup & Lean On Me

I haven't worn any interesting outfits in a while, so here's the week's first post. 
Monday I just wore brown jeans, combat boots and a black graphic tee, as I was going on a tour at the local woman's jail and had to dress down. I would have taken pictures of that, but I forgot and the outfit wasn't that unique anyway. Tuesday I just wore a band tee and plaid jammie pants. 

I think I would have dressed up Tuesday, but the night I got back from the jail, my mother said some unkind things to me. I told myself to ignore it, and I thought I did, but the next morning I felt angry and depressed and frustrated at the world. There didn't seem to be a reason for it, and the feeling wasn't going away, despite that the day itself was pretty good. When I backtracked in my mind, I realized her words were the only thing that could have thrown me into that mood, and I was really sad to realize that even though I'd brushed them off, they'd penetrated anyway.

Here's a video of Teddy's operation.

I hadn't chosen any music Tuesday, because, well, I was angry and depressed and basically outwardly numb with despondency.  But given that this blog is about music, I can hardly not give you music. So here's "Lean On Me," by Bill Withers, a guy who was born in '38 and is somehow still alive.


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