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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Roses & Synthesia

I do like Jenna Marbles. I just wish she was 30% more mature.
She swears way too much. And the vulgarity she uses is annoying.
All the same, here's a vid by her.

I didn't know what song to feature. So I decided to do a program.
Synthesia is a piano tutorial program (I think for PC, I can't be sure), which is how I learned some of the piano songs I can play. I don't read sheet music very well, so I've taken to learning by ear. My proudest songs are "Nobody's Home," "River Flows In You," and "1000 Years." I learned those ones strictly by ear. I can also play "I'll Follow You Into the Dark," "Safe and Sound," "Creep" and more, but those were easy to learn. I think one day I'll record myself playing those songs. 
Anyway. There are many more songs I know and others I want to learn, and synthesia is an amazing way to learn, especially if you're tone deaf in bass notes like I am. Being tone deaf is incredibly inconvenient if you learn by ear. I don't know how to explain what being tone deaf is like exactly. It's like all the sounds blend together, and they sound beautiful, but the second I try to reproduce the sound (with my voice or with a piano key) I completely forget what it sounds like. 

I have a very, very long list of songs I'd like to learn to play. Recently I decided I wanted to learn to play a song by Michael Nyman, a song which sounds really complex but probably only has about ten different chords in it. 
So below I have three songs I want to play, and below each original is the piano version. 

"The Heart Asks Pleasure First," Michael Nyman

"Pumped Up Kicks," Foster the People

"In The House, In a Heartbeat," John Murphy

While I'm being vid-crazy, the song above by John Murphy is a movie score.
The movie is a 2003 UK kind-of-zombie film (starring Cillian Murphy, so). 
Some scientists (it's always scientists, isn't it?) are trying to find a cure for anger (kind of like the Alliance in Serenity), believing that this will put an end to many world problems and people on peopl violence. They're experimenting on monkeys, and so animal rights activists break into the lab to free the monkeys, not realizing that these monkeys are infected with the rawest form of anger there is--rage. The monkeys infect the activists, the activists kill the scientists, and they escape into the world, infecting civilians. Within 28 days, the entirety of the United Kingdom is desolate and riot-torn. 
Jim, who had a biking accident over a month ago and has been in a coma during the course of the civil unrest, comes to in an empty, ravaged London, having no idea where he is or what's happened. But he learns very quickly that his old life is gone.
The movie probably sounds cheesy, and the trailer certainly makes it look cheesy, but it's a really, really good zombie film, super fast paced and a nail-biter. It's taken me about ten years to admit how good it is (even though the zombies aren't technically zombies) because I first saw it when I was eight.
Showing you the trailer would not impart how well-done the movie is despite its low budget, so here's a snippet from its sequel, a scene which opens the movie. I think it's one of the best scenes they filmed. 

I really don't blame Alice. But they all should have agreed to lay low after the kid got there, knowing the zombies that chased him would be very near the house still. 
I don't blame Don either. If he stayed, they all would have died. 


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