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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Chaos Theory & Porcelain

I brought home lots of pottery yesterday, so I'm happy. Plus I skipped most of school. 

Ever since Cloud Atlas, I've been obsessed with the idea that we're all connected. In Cloud Atlas, the idea of the sextet (the musical score) is that each character, despite not knowing the other characters and being from different eras, contributes to the sextet, and each note is an imprint they left behind. I did lots of research on chaos theory, Chaos theory is, very crudely put, the study of how circumstances elicit responses. It's like the butterfly effect, how the flap of a butterfly's wings three weeks before a tornado may have contributed to the tornado. Here's an animation depicting chaos theory with a double-rodded pendulum.

Every stroke is part of an intricate and beautiful pattern.

I found another video that shows the same concept, except the "pendulum" is  making strokes based on a record vinyl that is spinning with the pendulum attached. It's truly fascinating and shows how music and math really go hand in hand.

I chose Richard Melville Hall, or Moby, today. 
Moby is an electronic DJ who really knows his trade.


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