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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bag Lady & Games Without Frontiers

I looked at my old posts the other day. My style's changed a lot.
And some of my posts were silly, but I've learned not to speak too harshly of myself. 
My mom does that enough. 

I look like a bag lady.

This is actually a cake.

So I bought someone a humor tee shirt last Christmas. It said "I pooped today." I thought it was funny. Apparently, they didn't like it, because this Christmas they gave it right back to me, folded exactly the way it was a year ago. I'm kind of offended, but I wonder if he thought that would be funny.
News flash--it wasn't. It was pretty rude.

Here are some other funny logos they put on tees. 

Here's College Humor.
"Is the media setting unrealistic levels of skankiness for today's skanks?"

My music today is by Peter Gabriel, former English singer/songwriter for Genesis before he went solo.
Here's "Games Without Frontiers (World Without Tears)."


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