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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tank Girl & Who Will Save Your Souls

I was very comfortable in this outfit. 

This leather coat that a friend gave me just came back from the dry-cleaners, as it reeked of... sick. If you know what I mean. 
It's a really warm coat. 

No funny pics today. Today is Tank Girl.
Tank Girl is a British 80s post-apocalyptic-setting comic by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin, about an outlaw who drives and lives in a tank. It fell under the genre psychedelic or cyberpunk. It's style is crude and detailed, drawn like Gorillaz music videos. She was criticized widely for being overly sexual and abusive of drugs, but the story was super popular, like Homestuck. It promoted a lot of controversial issues that are dealt with more presently, like feminism, anarchy, racial inequality, abortion and homosexuality. They made a movie of it in '95, and needless to say, it sucked. 

I think it's sad they had to make her boyfriend (Booga the Kangaroo) an animal rather than just the black guy they wanted to depict him as.

I hadn't seen Breakfast Club until recently. I quickly decided to join the general consensus that this was my favorite scene, because Bender changes in your mind from that of an insensitive prick to instead a victim.

There's some confusion about this scene. When he's crossing his arms, he's depicting his mother. At the end, he's acting out himself arguing with his father.

My music today comes from Jewel, her album "Pieces of You." The song is "Who Will Save Your Souls."


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