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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Rainy Would Approve & Rosi Golan

I love wearing skirts, but I hate having to constantly check the hem at my fingertips, so I don't end up wandering school with my skirt hitched up in the back or something.

I can't help but think that Rainy would be proud of this outfit.

So my mom is on a copper/silver kick. Both are colloidal psudomedicines, but she's only been using copper of late. Most people try to reduce the metals in their body, which is good and well, but some of those metals (like iron) are necessary. So my mom had me use some facewash remedy, with a copper base, and since then my skin has been more broken out that it's been since I was in middle school. It's truly gross. On top of that, I've developed this unattractive phlegmy cough, and today my colon has been flushing my intestines, if you know what I mean.
I know all this means is that the copper is working, but I feel so nasty now. I haven't worn much makeup, because I think that if you have bad skin, makeup is the last thing that will make it look better. Can you imagine a pizza-face with lipstick? No. I already don't ever, ever wear cover up, no matter how inflamed my skin looks. Many people don't realize it, but coverup doesn't just clog your pores, but it creates a mask between your face and the outside world, and between your skin and the mask, bacteria is trapped with the oil of your skin and given all the ingredients it needs to penetrate deep into your skin and make everything worse. My skin may look decent in these photos, but don't be fooled--my face is a blemish factory.
So I've forgone lipstick until my skin looks  better, which I think it won't look truly better until December, but oh well. Acne is humbling. It will make me appreciate it more when it clears up.

Back when I first started with motorcycles, this video helped me remember the very basics of throttle, gears and clutch. The rest is history.

You want me to choose music, you say? Huh?
The rebel in me would tell you to go "smoke yourselves" (Fifth Element reference). But I realize that this is what I advertise, on my site. So...
I have with me Rosi Golan, an Isreali singer who did "Hazy" featuring William Fitzsimmons.


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